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Does emhar have a website? If so what is it? TIA Jon n/t

March 28 2004 at 12:35 PM
Jon Nikitas  (no login)
from IP address

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No website

March 29 2004, 2:43 AM 

Emhar's distributors Pocketbond Ltd are still constructing theirs, but they hope to have an on-line catalogue sometime.

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March 29 2004, 3:11 AM 

Yes, Pocketbond are theior distributor, but who are EMHAR, really? Are they distinct from Pocketbond? Does anyone know?

/Peter K

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Emhar are Pocketbond's own model manufacturer

March 29 2004, 5:58 AM 

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Emhar origins.....

March 29 2004, 11:42 AM 

I seem to remember when Emhar first came on the scene several years ago with their FJ4B Fury & F3H Demon kits (I know they're aircraft but I promise to wash my mouth out with soap ) there was speculation that there was a link to several of the old (pre- Revell) Matchbox staff as both choice of subject and kit design was very reminiscent of Matchbox kits.

Dont know if this is true but I keep promising to give their Whippet & Mk Iv kits a go.

Happy modelling

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Matchbox connection?

March 30 2004, 12:54 AM 

You might be right, going by the sprues of the kits anyway. The first time I opened an Emhar kit it did strike me how much the looks of the sprues reminded me of all the Matchbox kits I built 20 years ago as a kid, except they were now twice as large (1:35th as opposed to 1:76th). Not that this is anything like definitive proof, of course

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Matchbox Connection...................

March 30 2004, 3:22 AM 

is actually with JB Models

see this link


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March 30 2004, 7:53 AM 

Matchbox kits were generally nice, although simplistic. Emhar's stuff basically sucks. Only their 1/72 figs are pretty good.

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Pocketbond/Emhar at Nuremberg

March 29 2004, 2:43 PM 

Shown in the latest MilMod Vol 34/03....

In 1/35th Scale:
EM4005 British Mark V tank kit (April)
EM3501 WW1 British Infantry (6 fig)
EM3502 WW1 British Artillery 18pdr gun w/3 figures
EM3503 WW1 German Infantry (6 fig)
EM3504 WW1 German Artillery 77mm gun w/3 figures

The illustration is of a Mk V Male. No mention of whether the kit contains parts for the female. The level of detail appears equivalent to the Mark IV kits. The side armor panels appear to be correct for the Mark V. The tracks are the same rubber band style.

I get the impression that the figure and gun sets are aimed at the wargamer/toy soldier market rather than modelers. They are not listed as "kits".

The German infantry set is pictured. Judging from the bent firearms, the figures appear to be soft plastic one piece figures.

The British 17pdr and crew are also illustrated.

The figures are one piece molds.

The gun appears to be styrene as the molding is sharp and the shield thin. Detail appears to be simplified with a molded on tow rope.

However, it appears to provide a very good starting point for some additional detailing.


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Emhar Mark IV tanks

March 30 2004, 6:06 PM 

I did offer some comments to Emhar as he was putting the final touches on the models. All the tooling was done at that point, and my assistance was more along the lines of marking and color data. I did at least get a correction of the box-art - which originally portrayed a Mark V, which I pointed out when I met Phil in Milwaukee before the kit was offered to market. The reference in the instructions to "some experts suggest the color being brown" is probably refering to me

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