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3 Pictures WW1 diorama

November 1 2004 at 9:01 PM
Tom Sime  (no login)
from IP address

While attempting (failed!) to clean up my model room I rediscovered this model that I did about 10 years ago. The rather clean look to this vignette is because it was built as a study for a larger diorama-never completed. The elements are Verlinden “plaster” base and Scale Link figures and accessories.

Someday I may just “complete” it.


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Mike Cooper
(no login)

I like a man who marks his boxes!

November 2 2004, 1:03 AM 

Nice one Tom! Lovely to see boxes properly marked too!


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Mike Cooper
(no login)

Pics in posts

November 2 2004, 1:23 AM 

Tom - how did you get the pics in your post? I have pics, but haven't been able to paste into posts!


(Cor that 5-Star rail gun is nice!!!)

On teh go

Hannover CLIIIA
Morane Saunier G
Sopwith STrutter
Verdun diorama
60pdr (still)
6inch 26cwt (still)

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Neil Barker
(no login)

Re: Pics in posts

November 2 2004, 6:27 AM 

You need to host them off site mate, if there are any I have of your models that you would like posting i'll do it for you..

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Tom Sime
(no login)

Posting-how to.

November 2 2004, 2:48 PM 

Hi Mike(and all other interested parties)

Posting images to discussion/chat groups is usually done by first uploading the images onto a “host” website. You then post a link, within your text to your images by cutting and pasting the information in the “tag” box that’s created when you upload to the host. It should however be mentioned that some forums use the “url” or “img” information rather than the “tag” for posting. There are a number of host sites available, most are quite cheep and better yet many are free some take donations (please give!).

So when you post your post will look like this,

“Bla Bla what I have to say is yada yada and whoop de do see image below

img src="htttp://img.youhostcompanysnamehere/albumname/imadenamehere/etc.jpg"

Bobs your uncle and fanny’s your aunt unless you live in America.”

Where I have put
img rc="htttp://img.youhostcompanysnamehere/albumname/imadenamehere/etc.jpg"
your image will appear-just like magic.

Note I have removed <> symbols that enclose the "image to jpeg" part above and added an extra t to the http portion as if these had been included you would be looking at an image window with no image something like this

We are very lucky at missing-lynks as you can test the link by clicking on “preview” if the image doesn’t show up then you’ve done something wrong, most likely failed to copy and past the complete image "tag".

In spite of how convoluted it may appear above its easy –heck even I can do it! Once you have registered with a host its usually quite simple to upload your images using a process similar to doing “attachments” for email.

If you right click on any of my images (or most of the other posted images) go to the bottom of the box and click on “properties” this shows where the image came from. If you do it to a few different posts you’ll find the names of a variety of hosts, just “Google” the names and pick a host you like!

I use http://photobucket.com as my host, The price is right (donation via PayPal!) and their “up time” is very good. If you want to see more of my models click on the Photobucket link above.
In the box marked “Go to Albums” type in tomsime this will let you view a small selection of my models-more to follow soon.

I hope this helps if not let me know and I'll try to clear up any confusion


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