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Beute whippets ?

November 5 2004 at 1:49 AM
stéphane chevalier  (no login)
from IP address

Hello !
I heard Germans captured some Whippets from the Brits at the end of WW1. Enough to create 2 or 3 "Stukas".
But is there any pics of them and any evidence of german modifications (p.e: MG08 instead of Hotchkiss...)and fights ?

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Jakko Westerbeke
(no login)

Re: Beute whippets ?

November 5 2004, 2:11 AM 

According to the Hundleby and Strassheim book on the A7V and captured British tanks, the Germans only captured two Whippets. This book has a photo of one under test in Belgium (with big iron crosses painted on, but no MGs), and of the other being repaired in the streets of Berlin in early 1919 (it was in service with a Freikorps at the time).

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stéphane chevalier
(no login)


November 9 2004, 4:03 AM 

Hello Jakko
On an A7V monography from "De Bello" the author give 3 Stukas equipped whith Whippets !!!!
So could the Whippets only been used for test purpose ?
And even a copy project ?

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Jakko Westerbeke
(no login)

Re: Whippets

November 10 2004, 2:43 AM 

The same book by Hundleby and Strassheim mentions that the Germans thought that the Whippet was the only British tank worth copying, but one of the reasons they didn't is because they were already working on their own light tank design at the time. AFAIK the captured Whippets were only used in tests and for a short time in Berlin after the war.

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