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Re: Fuck 'em

June 19 2012 at 10:56 AM
Irishwhite  (Login Irish-White)

Response to Fuck 'em

Just a couple of points 1 anti British feeling is not rife in Ireland yes there are dissident republicans but they do not represent the majority here and trust me are a very small minority probably in the hundreds if even that. 2 yes there are many Irish who make a living in England but trust me there are quite a few British people in Ireland making a living. I live in a town 15 minutes from the border population of 960, 200 of which are British many of them ex servicemen who settled down with Irish women and go about their business without any interference whatsoever. 3 I am 44 years of age lived most of my life in Dublin and now live in the sticks and I have never seen so much as a shotgun cartridge never mind a gun or a bomb. Personally I have never had anything against the English after all I go over there to watch football as often as I can. Yes there is a historic rivalry between us but in 2012 it should be little more than banter. Leave the hate to the Rangers and Celtic supporters who spit bitter bile at each other every season and have never set foot in Ireland. By the way I am sure a lot of you have been to Dublin on stags or on pre seasons so tell me what hatred have you experienced, and lets not forget your dear old Queen was here last year and got a very warm welcome nobody tried to kill her there was no chanting in the streets.

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