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My take on the Takeover / bullshitters on this site

July 31 2012 at 7:01 PM
Broad Street Runners  (Login BroadStreetRunners)

Firstly, the most annoying part of this whole fucking saga has been so-called ITK people like 80sWhite and IlkleyWhite constantly coming on here claiming its "deal done". Both of these cunts have since gone to ground now it's clear they were talking bollocks. I'm glad I managed to suss them both.

Worst of all, though, is the fact that the longer this process drags on the longer it takes for us to get funds released for new players. So far, it is absolutely fucking clear that the players we've signed (who are, to a man, average - they were mostly relegated with their old teams last year) have been the fruits of the clayton / lonegran / snodgrass transfer fees.

Are you REALLY telling me that if we had some billionaire arab in the wings that we'd be bringing in shit like Norris and Varney? Of course not.

So. With two weeks to go until we get to the start of the new season we have average signings at best and no sign whatso-fucking-ever that anyone else is coming in. Billionaire arabs relying on promotion with potentially two fit strikers? Don't make me fucking laugh.

Did we even ever sign that Norwegian lad from Brann? Or has that monu-fucking-mental deal fallen flat too? Man City get Arabs who offer Aguero £200k a week. We get arabs who can't afford £200k for a permanent, untried norwegian fucker. Says it fucking all.

I've already outed two ITK bullshitters. No cunt on here knows fuck all. But if yo read between the lines, as they say, there are only two realistic outcomes: (1) the takeover is still fucking miles off or (2) the takeover has collapsed.

Fucking hell lads, we've either been had big-time or our new owners are skint.

Either way, ever single fucking one of the supposed ITK lads on here has been exposed as a lying cunt. And I hate cunts who lie to fellow Leeds.

80sWhite is chief among them.

No cunt knows owt. F.A.C.T

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