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Re: Qualitys everthing

February 19 2017 at 4:32 AM
DG  (Login DavidGedge)

Response to Qualitys everthing

The thing is now, a result in England is drinking in a city centre pub, wearing the correct costume, and bouncing up and down behind the police. There is no actual conflict which involves actually fighting.

It still goes on in the lower leagues, but they don't have the numbers.

So when it comes to international games, if there is actual contact, the 'lads' of today have no idea how to cope with it and thus the Russians can steamroller through the mass ranks.

It's like any job... you can read the history and watch all the videos you want. Until you're actually in the thick of it you have no idea how you will react. Those old enough to remember that you don't run ended up taking a proper hiding whilst those who thought they were 'hooligans' with stupid goggle hood coats ran away when it actually kicked off and left the old school to get hammered.

The hooligan era in England is finished now.

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