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Re: My take on it

February 19 2017 at 7:22 PM
Leeds1980  (Login Leeds1980)

Response to My take on it

Its obvious the Russians take it all a bit more seriously than the English ever did, they don't drink and spend the hours before the game at the gym, theyre missing the point really, in the 80's at Leeds games everyone had a drink and turned up at the game completely unorganised to see what happened, that was the fun of it, I wouldn't have been interested any other way. The Russians are about 30 years late at the party and they don't really know what the theme is.
As for them getting the better when heavily outnumbered you can blame the laws brought in in England 20 years ago that stopped gobby young kids from getting the backhander they deserved from either parents/teachers or police, it must come as a bit of a surprise to these gobshites now in their 20's when they stand there asking for it and the Russians gave it them, predictably from what Ive heard they soon shit themselves and disappeared leaving the older fatter lads to take a hiding.

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