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February 25 2017 at 3:52 PM
Ovy   (Login ovywhite)
Leedssc Moderators

Great 3 points today well chuffed but it was only last 15 minutes when I relaxed, neither team were class today but I'm at my wits end with that total clown doukara, it was a must win today and I don't give a shite how we got it.
Just heard monks interview, frig knows how he thinks it was a good display, the team are constantly giving the ball away, they laked in a total different kit, are our players colour blind or what !
I suppose laking one up front didn't help with our pressing game but wood did well, didn't think he was MOM like I thought Hernandez should have been, could and should have been 2-0 in first half but for some reason sacko decided not to pass to wood and run it for a dead ball instead, the. Mind boggles !!
Once again the ref was shit, if there's was a penalty then so was ours and he couldn't wait to give the pigs free kicks all the time, it's time United toughened up.
As for their lot mouthing off outside, well, you got what you asked for.

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