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Re: Vinnie

February 26 2017 at 9:48 PM

Response to Re: Vinnie

From what i saw yesterday O'kane doesnt have the legs to be a driving force in midfield and looks like he's carrying a sack of coal on his back,he did ok in the first half but flagged , i was glad when Viera came on for him.As shit as Doukara is i do understand why monk plays him.I think doukara works on instruction due to his limitations and Monk trusts him to work his nuts off or he will be dropped,he's abit of a forrest gump.In a shell Doukara is part of the team ethic.Think Viera is the future in our mid field given half a chance,yep he's bound to lose the ball etc but has far more about him than others.Hopefully we can keep wood fit along with our centre backs and Taylor will give us a option going forward.

Begs the question who would youwant in the play-offs out of Hudds,Reading,wednesday (?)/fulham/norwich..

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