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Re: Agreed, and while we're at it...

March 23 2017 at 12:04 AM
Lakebledwhite   (Login slovenia67)

Response to Re: Agreed, and while we're at it...

Let's hope some positive action comes from this, do gooders and political correctness can go fuck, I don't want to hear London will be back to normal and people will leave the hotels and walk down the street as normal, the tourists pounds cannot be allowed to dry up eh? Disgusting....those poor people slain but life has to go on as normal? How about we get some backbone and start deporting these known threats? Why do we have a watchlist? Fuck watching them how's about we fuck them off? Why are we allowing members of terrorist organisations to reside in the uk? How's about we do what's right for us? Protect our people in our country.


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