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Re: Agreed, and while we're at it...

March 23 2017 at 12:30 AM
DG  (Login DavidGedge)

Response to Re: Agreed, and while we're at it...

Absolutely. Any known immigrant with ISIS links should be deported immediately and never allowed back. Those British born sympathisers should just simply disappear, or be involved in an 'accident' or 'suicide' and got rid of.

Likewise, no town or city in the UK should be allowed more than one mosque and law should dictate that the goings on in there should be monitored completely. Furthermore, any imam who's mosque is used to promote hatred of the west and encourage violence should be given life imprisonment and the mosque closed down and not replaced thus hitting the entire community. This would soon encourage them to start weeding out the terrorist sympathisers and wannabes.

Too soft and too respectful of people's rights when it suits. But if they can do it to football fans why not other groups of people.......

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