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Re: it's here again

March 23 2017 at 5:24 PM
Old Lowfielder  (Login OldLowfielder)

Response to it's here again

As long as we have dangerous establishment lunatics sending the army and drones into the middle east to slaughter babies and wreak havoc we'll always have the threat of these angry, defiant men taking some small revenge. The best way to end terrorism in this country is for us to denounce Israel and the US and adopt an isolationist policy. It will never happen, so as long as we continue to wage "war" and terror on them (it's not really war if it isn't a fair fight, it's just murder) we'll get a tiny piece of the terror back and we'll have to live with it. At the end of the day, the west started it, and we've helped America murder close to a million innocent muslims on their own soil whilst only suffering a few murders on ours. The Tories and the establishment are happy to pay the price - it's just a few plebs getting mown down after all - the rest of the country just go along with it, except a few scared racist middle-aged men getting angry online

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