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Old Lowfielder

March 25 2017 at 5:30 PM
Spezial  (Login spezial)

Response to Re: it's here again

I think what you say is just about spot on, apart from the "scared middle aged racist" bit. Didn't you know 50 is the new 30? I'm hoping to avoid the middle aged tag for a good few years under new government legislation As for the racist bit, all the nicest people I know are a little bit racist, it's just good common sense. The government are happy for a bit of collateral damage as long as it's none of their friends or family. It's just a shame the terrorist on Wednesday couldn't wait a few more days until that stupid anti- Brexit march today. I'm sure not many people would worry too much if someone got hold of a Sherman tank and popped Tim Farron like a grape, or ground Nick Clegg's pasty fuckin face into the ground. What gives them the right to compromise the MET police and ignore their request to cancel their march? Fuckin lazy,leftie, smelly, screeching waste of spaces. I'm surprised the "Black Lives Matter" pond life haven't been marching after the black terrorist was terminated the other day. Oh, and maybe Shami Chakrabati could get working on some compo for his family, a bit of crowd funding or something. Racist my arse.

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