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Re: Sheridan

April 22 2017 at 10:52 PM
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Response to Sheridan

Modicon summed a whole season up in one sentence, we have Woods and a defence, with fuck all in between. I'm not gonna come on here crowing "I told you so", but I'm not at all surprised it's come to this. The one thing I will reiterate is, it doesn't matter if we finish 7th in the table, it may as well be 4th from bottom, we will only remember failure, disappointment, and a few months of emptiness. When I said the last few games may tell us more about Monk than we've learned all season, it appears that may be the case. It must be tough managing a club with expectations and a fan base as big as Leeds, without the desired finances, but Monk needs to be honest with himself and the fans, we weren't fuckin good enough. If he starts with the flannel about being good enough without the luck and all that rubbish, he is becoming like a politician, in other words, a disrespectful cunt. In a campaign of 46 games, you generally finish where you deserve to be. I think we have fluked a lot of games, and finished higher than we should have done. The last thing I want to hear when we finish this season, is that we start from a good position next season. As far as I'm concerned, half the team needs to go. And as Modicon opined, the whole middle 5 could be improved upon. That includes Hernandez, Vierra and Bridcutt, supposedly our strongest players. The rest are all no hopers, chuck them in the river Aire. Retain the back 5 and Chris Wood, and that is your starting point.

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