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Re: Sheridan

April 22 2017 at 11:08 PM

Response to Re: Sheridan

Monk has done a great job this season much to my surprise..of course he's gonna back his players in public especially as mathmatically we can still make the play=offs.We have over achieved with what we have but the last thing we need is yet another pre-season of uncertainty coupled with a total lack of real investment in players.Put Monk on a two year contract and give him a decent budget on players.However this wont happen as we well know,crowds have been up this season and it was the first time for years that there was a buzz around leeds united.I dont agree that we have been 'lucky' to be where we are this season,luck doesnt come into over 46 games.If we happen to make the play-offs we do it because we deserve it if not then we will rue the day we didnt invest in January to freshen the squad up.We need quality in the mid-field but that comes with a price tag.Brighton proved that stability and work ethic can get you far along with a good manager.

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