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Re: Election

June 6 2017 at 5:26 PM
Ovy  (Login ovywhite)
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Response to Re: Election

I shan't be voting because I think they're all liars and thieves, just the right credentials to be a politician, I vote firmly for the right, classed as a racist because I like to defend my country and its indigenous people but sadly my country turned its back on the likes of me 30 yrs ago.
The BNP had a lot going for it, shame about the racist element and nick griffin in charge but their manifesto was in the right place.
The country i grew up in has been doomed for a long time with its open borders and human rights bollocks, then of course if it farted it had to apologise to Brussels for doing so, this latest wake of terrorism has been on the cards for a long long time it just a matter of when not if, the grooming gangs were exposed at least 8 years before it came public knowledge but the BNP were classed as knuckle dragging skinheads for mentioning that the Muslims would do such a thing.
Vote....ha, for what, whatever is in the manifestos will change overnight anyway.

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