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Re: Election

June 8 2017 at 7:50 PM
steak  (Login steakandsidney)

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Strange this election as it doesn't seem like i'm voting for any of the real issues...just feels that I've got to endorse my Brexit vote again because other so called democratic party's only want THERE sort of democracy

I can honestly say I've never voted Labour and never will..I left School in 1977 at Sixteen and went straight into a job working 40 Hour plus a week ...Now 40 Years later I've only ever been unemployed for a total of about six weeks and claimed dole for no more than 3 of them...don't go sick either...never had.....But in all that time the so called Working Man's party has never done FUCK ALL for me personally that i can honestly say has made my life any better or my standard of living easier ..I'd love to know what the Labour led Leeds City Council would do for ME if it suddenly went tits up at my end....But then again I'm not Work Shy or a Benefit Scrounger - Scroat - Fiddler -Asylum Seeker - Gay / Lesbian Ethic Minority or some other Minority Group I've forgot to mention that is Labour's target audience...

Now as for The Tory ..My working class roots could never let me vote for them either..because of course they'll look after their own and the one's who have it ...most are born into it through positions etc .. others inherit it..but some have actually also worked very hard too to get on ...The only thing I've in common with them really i suppose is that they can't do with the above mentioned scoates anymore than i can...and will give them fuck all as possible ...IF we ever get a party that truly Champions the majority of the HARD WORKING British and the ­čśČtruly assimilate people of these shores then i'll vote for the meantime Labour & the Tories can both fuck off..

Major issue for me at this time isn't whether labour will give me another tenner a week or if The Tory's will take a tenner's our security and the safety of our kids..and the only bloke talking any sense about that at the moment is Tommy Robinson...his message is growing through on-line media all the time..and because he's not a politician and only has the one issue..a lot of normal folk from all walks are agreeing and getting behind his message ...The more who do and with a bit of street protest thrown in then regardless if it's red or blue who get's the keys they will have to stand up and take note....getting shut of the enemy within first has got to be the main priority of this Country

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