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The Whole system is corrupt

June 16 2017 at 7:43 AM
Phil  (Login LEEDS.4.EVER)

Response to Re: Sadly

To be a Successful MP you have to compromise yourself to gain votes to clime the ladder, tow the party line and kiss ass to your superiors therefore compromising your own views. In a parliamentary vote of let's say 650 MPs why should the MPs vote according to a party line instead of what's best for the constituency they represent? It's more blackmail than democracy because if you don't toe the party line your castigated!!
Don't even get me started on the total waste of tax payers money and pantomime that's Prime ministers question time !! Premeditated questions given to the Prime minister in advance to be answered by spin doctors!! Stop it and spend the money on our armed forces, nurses, school, etc. I could go on but what's the point.
The only way to make a change is challenge the system but unfortunately the system at the moment is too secure and the majority of the politicians too weak or self centred.
Reverlution is needed ( and I'm not saying it has to be civil war ) but an uprising of people that want to make a change,
Great Britain!! In our dreams.

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