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Re: Another false dawn

June 18 2017 at 11:09 AM

Response to Re: Another false dawn

I've been hearing this 'lets get behind him' bullshit since we got relegated from the prem...orginally it was towards ken 'the saviour' Bates then a succession of shite managers and owners.At some point you must learn from history and see that we have not had true ambition from a board/owner since we went belly up with ridsdale.Whatever you may think the new owner had a 50/50 share during the Jan transfer window and didnt put his hand in his pocket.Normally when i hear a 'let's get behind him' comment its normally because deep down you know the guy whose been employed is a complete gamble and is doomed to failure not because we have invested in a manager like Howard Wilkinson who was the real deal.We constantyly employ coaches who are unemployed becuase its a no pay -off situation and this coach will tow the line of a DOF and owner.We have no choice but to see how things go but this isnt REAL ambition its yet another 'project' being built on the cheap during a pre-season in which we could have had stability and continuity for the first time in years.I'm not for throwing silly money about but sensible leadership from the top would do hopefully i will be eating humble pie come next may when we are in the play-offs.

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