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Re: re; season tickets

July 16 2017 at 6:53 PM

Response to Re: re; season tickets

I'm realistic enough to know we wont be spending silly money on players,those days are long gone.My concern is that we go into another season with a rookie manager and players who will need to bed into the Championship having plyed their trade in albania and the spanish 2nd division.We came up short last season and in my mind were 3 or 4 players short down the spine of the team..we didnt need an overhaul.The lad from newcastle may prove a decent squad player and i suppose by putting these lads on 4 year contracts they must have some faith.I'd sooner spend 3-4m on a howson rather than buying 2 foreign players who may/may not make the grade.Jannson wasnt a complete non entity as he was a swedish international but Bartley was a key figure for us unfortunatley the loan system can back fire if someone does the business for you.If we recieve 3-4m for taylor i would have re-invested that to sign bartley.As i say hopefully Orta knows the foreign market so well these lads will step up easily and gets us into the play-offs.Hopefully by the start of the season we will have signed a decent centre half&centre forward.I'm philosophical about leeds these days,people seem obsessed by quantity of signings rather than quality.The best signing was Elland Road.

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