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Re: Predictions

July 24 2017 at 9:08 PM

Response to Re: Predictions

Not sure how we will improve on 7th place with the current crop of players.Unless we sign a decent CB and i dont mean some 2nd division albanian or a 'Real Madrid'/ 'Barcelona' player who on further scrutiny hasnt actually been near the first team other than going on a sight seeing tour,we will struggle.We have lost Bartley and Taylor and havent replaced them yet and we still need a proven Centre Forward to back up Chris Wood.Or squad looks un-balanced and we should have had our spine of the team signed sealed and delivered before taking a punt on second division foreign players.
The manager hasnt signed any of the players its all been Orta's doing so he cant be blamed if there all shit.Btw i'm surprised the hike in matchday tickets hasnt been mentioned either,but then i do like a moan.I want some of what Kent's been on though as he's buzzin for it,that said Bolton away and Preston at home should be bankers and a decent bench mark for the season.That said our pre season should have included a tough english team to expose our new foreign legion to the reality of the english game.

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