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Re: Cake & eat it.

August 1 2017 at 12:33 AM
Vinnie Jones  (Login vinnie-jones)

Response to Re: Cake & eat it.

I'm not home for a lot of the games & when I am I'll pick the games I go to, so a few quid more every now & then for 7 or 8 games a season then I'm not going to moan about the price. I know in advance & book my tickets & I haven't turned up on matchday to buy a ticket for years, not since you could pay at the turnstiles. If I was going to go regular I'd get a season ticket but those days are over. It's inflation lads, we know how it works & whether it's football, public transport, a packet of fags or whatever there's not a lot you can do about it. I don't get the argument with the ground, whether it's his or not he's still had to invest that money to get it & pay for the up keep & running costs. We average around 28k when we are doing well, so take off 18k in season tickets & you're looking at a few quid on 10k worth of tickets over 20 games with just the league. I'm sure the interest on 20 million is worth a lot more to him, but he still invested. Would you rather he hadn't? If he hadn't & had still put the prices up to what they are now then I'd be first in the line to complain. There's been a price freeze on season tickets for ages so they're the ones who benefit, you could class them as the real loyal supporters as they buy into the thing whole heartedly. I'm not saying they're more of a fan than any other Leeds fan, but for certain people who go to a few games a season to moan about a few quid seems a bit rich.

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