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Re: Cake & eat it.

August 1 2017 at 4:19 PM
Spezial  (Login spezial)

Response to Re: Cake & eat it.

I don't have any problem with the season ticket holders getting the best deal, they deserve it. I probably went to about half the home games last season, all those tickets bought in advance. I thought about going on the spur of the moment without a pre purchased ticket, but then thought fuck that, too steep for me. I can afford it, I just can't justify it. It's not just about cost nowadays, it's also about the atmosphere and the spectacle. When I was paying £1.50 into the Kop, there is a good chance Kenny Burns would launch their centre forward if we were getting beat, or when I was paying £3, there was a good chance Bairdy would bundle their keeper into the net out of frustration. If this lot are getting beat, and you are £44 lighter in your pocket, and very fuckin angry, the best you can hope for is that Hernandez might actually tackle somebody. The game is shite nowadays, spoiled by the wankers at EUFA and consequently by the FA. As for "It's called inflation", that's not strictly true. If you look at the increase in cost of attending football, it has risen disproportionately since the advent of the Premier League. It is more a case of supply and demand, and while ever there are suckers prepared to have their wallets raped every week to watch a non contact sport played by overpaid Spice Boys, it will continue to rise disproportionately. I'm still not sure the hike adds up financially. Based on the cheapest matchday ticket circa £40, out of every 20 potential fans that will swallow the increase, it only takes one to say "fuck that", and the new owner is sitting on a loss. If you get 2 or 3, it's potentially £120 he's lost to gain £34. I think older fans that remember the relative cheapness of football would be the first to opt out, followed by other varying types of fan. The young ones don't know any better, this is all they are used to, and they are ripe for squeezing the money out of. Ultimately it's bums on seats that dictate if prices are too high, but just have a look behind the dug out at Old Trafford or in the corner at Chelsea, turbans, chinks, big fat Asians and Japs galore. The clubs will tell you there is demand even at rip off prices, but they don't give a shite who occupies the seats. I'd love us to make a real charge this season, not only for the fans, but for the owner who has invested decent money in buying the ground back, and seems to understand the heritage of the club and our passion for it. My worry is we are going to be nowhere near strong enough, and are being asked to pay even more to watch ongoing failure. I hope to fuck I'm wrong.

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