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Re: Where's everyone gone?

August 10 2017 at 9:32 AM
KentWhite64  (Login KentWhite64)

Response to Re: Where's everyone gone?

we know where we need to strengthen BUT no one could predict loosing 2 defenders in the 1st game,
Just wish you would stop trying to validate your point with half truths and miss-direction (you'd be a great politician)
Shaughnessy is a DM AND CB so young yes, but NOT out of position at all,
Anita is a CM/RB who played RB for 99% of last season for the barcodes but came thru the Ajax academy were every player plays every outfield position in his development so not exactly a square peg in a round hole (and to be fair to him he didn't look out of place).
we're 1 goal up with 5 mins to play.... WHO wouldn't shut up shop.

your 99% negative and 1% positive with your grudging "wins a win" just so you don't look a complete tit if we storm the league, but your mostly not happy unless your giving every one a big fuck off dose of "I TOLD YOU SO"


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