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Re: Where's everyone gone?

August 10 2017 at 7:18 PM

Response to Re: Where's everyone gone?

Kent i think your being slightly over sensitive,i just see things differently to you nowt wrong with that.Nothing worse than people towing the line otherwise i would have followed some of the Bates apologists on here,say it as i see it.My post was fair in my world as for half-truths??,when people were negative regarding Wood and Phillips last season i defended them but it doesnt mean they wont fall by the wayside.Likewise i was critical of Monks appointment and rob green's early form but i ate humble pie as they both had a good season.Theres an element of euphoria at the moment which i dont get yet hopefully i will next May.BTW i was being ironic when i said Sakho came on to shut up for being a politician i'm no good at spin.Anyway back to the tumble weeds.......

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