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Re: Looks Like Wood Going

August 19 2017 at 7:55 PM
Vinnie Jones   (Login vinnie-jones)

Response to Re: Looks Like Wood Going

Let's not beat about the bush here boys, but good fucking riddance. If the guy can't see what is happening at ER, with this ongoing project toward now & the future then fuck him. I've watched the highlights from the last few games as I'm away & some of the sitters he's missed & one on ones is fucking embarrassing. A £20 million player puts those chances away in his sleep. Chris Woods is not a £20 mill striker, average at best. Yeah he scored 30 goals last season, but even I could've scored fucking 20 of those. He was shit the season before & on the scrap heap from his Leicester failure, so put the pressure of that much money on him to perform & he won't be able to handle it. He'll do fuck all in the prem, I guarantee it. Cashing in on him is a fucking brilliant bit of business. Offer him an extension to check where he's at & when he refuses it sell the cunt whilst we can get money for him. If he was ambitious to play in the premiership he wouldn't be going to fucking Burnley, it shows his lack of ambition, what the fuck are Burnley ever going to do in all honesty? It's all about the pay packet. So go on Chris Wood, fuck off to world beaters Burnley & disappear into the annals of obscurity rather than stay at Leeds & be written into the journals history..!!

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