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Re: Let's see.

August 26 2017 at 10:54 PM
KentWhite64  (Login KentWhite64)

Response to Re: Let's see.

love the menstrual cycle joke did actually LOL.
Listen fella just my observation but i do think that (to a degree 'cos of the 13 or so yrs of shit we've had to put up with)there is an overriding negativity towards unknown/inexpensive signings/manager.

My thoughts are we(English Football) are not the centre of the universe and people we've never heard of/don't cost much are not by default shite.

If you truly believe there is know one out there that hasn't been snapped up or can be purchased for an inflated fee, WHO are we, as a mid table championship team, supposed to buy..... the £10mill Gestedes of this world or past it has-been premier league cast offs.

Half of this division is made up of lower league/cost button players are they all shit 'cos they're not part of the bigger clubs squads.

Was vardy/ian wright crap because they cost nothing/came to the game late from non league, the lad at cardiff scoring for fun at the moment is he shit 'cos citee didn't take a punt at him.

as for your post not being negative
"the sums don't seem to add up here"
"How the fuck have we got this kid for peanuts?"
"he'd better get it fuckin quickly, cos the Championship doesn't take any prisoners"
"I'm still not sure bigger clubs than us would be so lax to miss out on a 19 year old with such "potential""
"probably why it seems to good to be true."
you be the judge.

but just incase it is me i'm off to the chemist 1st thing for some HRT.
have a good evening fella


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