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Re: Just a stat

September 17 2017 at 10:12 AM
KentWhite64  (Login KentWhite64)

Response to Re: Just a stat

Fella you do make me smile, you're like Mr Angry off the Steve Wright radio 1 show from the 80's.
You should start your posts with
"1ST OF ALL I WANT TO SAY I'M ANGRY, VERY ANGRY, I'M SO ANGRY.... OOOOOOOH IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL" quality m8. riposte, I've never claimed anyone to be the new messiah just think from top to toe we are a different club from the last 14 yrs and as such should feel more optimistic as IMO we are heading in the right direction. If that makes me, in your eyes, a happy be it.

My last post stated "JUST" a stat, i didn't say we are fantastic/the players are all world class/everyone or thing was perfect but WE are top 'o the league and those figures are encouraging.
I also pointed out although a good start, the season defining games would be after Burney. I believe i'm trying to convey cautious optimism.

As for mug teams, agree we've not had the hardest start BUT Preston have beaten Wendies, Reading and Cardiff so 0-0 maybe not so bad. And to emphasize the difficulty of this league, Burton beat Fulham yesterday.

If you stopped thinking of Millwall as "them pikies dan saaf" that we should steamroller 'cos we're Leeds, you'd know they are a bogey team for us and (according to some Wall mates) although bottom 1/2 of the table, this season if they had a couple of decent strikers they could be top 3, 'cos they are averaging 18 attempts at goal and playing well.

Lastly in the interest of peace,love and harmony (and trying to get your blood pressure down) on this Sunday, i ask everyone on this forum to come together, i'll start the chant......Ohmmmm.....Ohmmmm....Ohmmmm.


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