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Re: Just a stat

September 17 2017 at 11:42 AM
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I chuckle to myself at the perception some folk have of me on here, truth is , they couldn't be more wrong. It's a bit like remainers branding all Brexiteers "racist bastards". if you don't view our new team of lilliputians as the best thing since sliced bread, you're a miserable twat. I'll probably carry on dissenting in the hope of opening a few eyes towards our deficienciies, though it will only open one eye on a few posters, that's all they have. On a scale of 1 to 10 of how happy am I in our current situation, I'd say 8 and a half. Our position in the league table is beyond my wildest expectations, but the quality and physical strength and pace in our squad still worries me long term. It obviously doesn't bother the less knowledgeable amongst our supporters, I speak to plenty, and read plenty of what they're saying, and some of it defies belief. The popular belief is that Jansonn and Saiz are going to fire us to automatic promotion with a little help from other members of the squad, a child like view based on a mullering of Burton and edging a few games while not really impressing. Yesterday was a more realistic gauge of where we are really at, an insipid display against a team that was quicker, bigger and stronger than our dwarf like outfit. Not a single threat of a goal, and a rolling over to get our tummies tickled by a worse than average outfit. Should we be worried ? I think there is room for better players if we want to be a real top two proposition, if not, there's a good chance of a repeat of last season where the wheels came off and we ended up as passive also rans. On the plus side, we sit top, and no-one can take those points from us. The division also looks even poorer quality than last season, so the bar isn't really set that high. Crowds are up and we have a bit of momentum. There is no reason why, with a few more additions, we can't make top 2 and automatic promotion. The danger is we think we have an adequate squad to do that, we don't, and our owners will hopefully realise that. I'm not really bothered what the happy clappy mob think, they can look forward to jumping about doing their Sol Bamba song when he makes a return, or swaying from side to side doing the Jansonn song when he isn't even playing. Thankfully their child like analysis of our squad counts for nothing. Onwards and upwards Kentwhite.

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