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Re: Lost a friend

September 18 2017 at 9:05 PM
ovy  (Login ovywhite)
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Puts things into perspective stuff like that, my best mate(Man Utd fan) died 3 and half years back and I still miss the lad, I don't give a shite who anyone supports as long as they're decent folk, it's only a game, I know we all get passionate and say things we don't mean at times but for me a mates a mate, I still drink with a mixed bunch of lads supporting different teams including your lot, that's Halifax for you, I can't do with these plastic twats that spout off and have never been, lads my age pick and choose or even stopped going many years ago but went back in t' day and have great tales to tell, you respect one and other and we all remember players laking for Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool etc, even lesser named teams had some characters for them.
Today's kids, well anyone under 25 will never have seen the proper football in proper stadiums, never had it rough down city's cobbled back streets or ayrsome park, old Trafford or Goodson, they're used to comfy (ish) seats in a soulless new build contraption with a banging drum and happy clappy halfwits.
Today's game is pisspoor in relation to getting stuck in, it's virtually non contact sport played by overpaid tossers who lake it at night on the Xbox and wallop their kids.
No colin bell , thas not rambled, only brought back some memories of a great pal you've lost but will never forget, don't matter how often you got in touch, we all lose base as we get older but don't mean you've ever fell out or forgot about each other, get theesen to his funeral and proudly sing MOT for him and his family whilst talking about the good old times you had over t' years.
All the best fella and keep the posts coming.

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