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Re: Clowns

October 1 2017 at 4:26 PM
Vinnie Jones   (Login vinnie-jones)

Response to Clowns

I thought Phillips had turned a corner for us after not being a fan of his for the last couple of seasons, but he showed himself to be the same lad as always. Like they say, you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter! O'kane, lacklustre. He had the chance to carry the ball out from the back as people were stepping away from him as he came forward, so what does he do? He gives the ball to Jansson! This is supposed to be a ball playing midfield general, sorry but not for me. He does it far too often. I've said it time & time again that we need a midfielder who can.put his foot on a ball & play a decent pass. Toothless in every department today. Alioski, too lightweight. Saiz is the only one to walk away without criticism & so is Lassoga to a degree as they rarely got a ball to him. The defence has shown how important Bartley was last season, he made Jansson look good & he looks lost without him by his side. As for the keeper, well fuck me sideways, we'll not even go there. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the squad again. He is fucking usless & scared of the ball, get rid of the cunt. He shouldve been off at half time without a shadow of a doubt.
The thing that is the most embarrassing is the fact that they didn't even want to fight. I don't expect us to win every game,but to just roll over like a wounded puppy, well I can't accept that. Spineless, clueless & outplayed today. They were pathetic.

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