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Re: 25 YRS AGO

October 4 2017 at 5:06 PM
ovy  (Login ovywhite)
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Yes you are right but I suppose it's because us of a certain age were brought up on a rich diet of class footballers and those who weren't would still bust a bollock and put a shift in, I do keep forgetting the plight we've been through but all you can ask of any player is to work hard and put in a shift, Sunday was abysmal to say the least, Sheffield were that bad they couldn't punish us.
I'm still fuming about that performance of Phillips, he just didn't want to know from the kick off, why did TC keep him on even till halftime??
TC will soon be sacked because he's standing by wankers like that, he can't complain when it happens cause he's let it happen, I'm ok with defeats when and only when the team have worked hard and not rolled over unapposed.
Believe me I was gonna go to Thorpe arch Monday morning and let rip at that cunt Phillips and TC for letting him do what he did, 2 things stopped me, not knowing if they had the day off after a hard weekend grrrrrr, and being locked up for going too far.
I used to hate that useless wanker danny Pugh but after that showing of Phillips he just has to go.
For anyone thinking I'm going OTT on him , just look back on any period of that match and you'll see for yourself.

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