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My boss.....

November 30 2017 at 9:47 PM
RealHarvest  (Login RealHarvest) a cow. I fucking hate her. She's touching 60 and dresses like she a quarter of that. She's skinny, barely eats and worships Beckham's Mrs. She has dyed black hair and wears about 20 gold rings. Mutton and lamb is her strapline. All of her shoes are these ridiculous prossie looking things that she falls off at least twice a day. She reveals hideous thongs when bending over and if she catches you looking, as you would at a car crash that you can't help but view even though you know you shouldn't, she gives a half smile as if to say 'still got it ain't I' Yeh, fucking dementia maybe.
Today she was showing her skinny wrinkly midriff with a blue jewel of some sort in her belly button. I'm close to vomiting as I look at her saggy arms. She's rude, thick and ignorant. MOT

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