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Re :unsocial media

December 2 2017 at 1:42 AM
WHT  (Login weishaupt)

Response to Re: Unsocial Media

more like social control media....

Trump is hardly Pol Pot or any number of truly despicable figures that people have had to suffer through the years - but millions of total knobs via social media have generated such a distorted view of the man that only they themselves can take it seriously. Yes, he's clumsy, egoistical to fantastical heights and prone to misjudgment but he's hardly the enemy.
The UK Govt will not & should not cancel a visit from a US President. Besides, I remember the visiting Obama making veiled threat against the good people of this country if we dared to vote to leave the EU.
The only thing that will annoy me when he comes is the usual suspects taking to the streets and spewing their bullshit claims of his plans to oppress them all.
I am in no way a fan of his but US politics has been driven to such levels of self interest and careerism that it is amusing to see those who believe they should run things having to deal with Trump running things now.

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