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Re: Cabbage

December 23 2017 at 8:00 PM
Spezial  (Login spezial)

Response to Re: Cabbage

If you “loved” been there today you must have a sad life. It was a mind numbingly boring match which was terrible from a technical point of view. If you were offered that every week would you keep turning up and “loving” it, you fuckin plumb. People do call into question what football is worth when they are served up shite like that. If you don’t like someone who tell’s it how it is maybe it’s you and Gipton that should fuck off and watch Man Utd. Football for me is no longer about going and drinking till I have triple vision, or the raw passion between two sets of fans that would be happy to tear into one another after the game, so it’s all about what happens on the pitch for me now unfortunately. If either you or Gipton went today and came away happy with anything other than the result your fuckin easily pleased. I bet your local landlord loves you as well, he’ll put all the dregs in your pint and top it up with his spit and you’ll still tell him it’s a “lovely pint”. Pair of mugs.

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