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Re: Cabbage

December 23 2017 at 9:50 PM
S.F.A.B  (Login S.F.A.B)

Response to Re: Cabbage

And that's where we're different, it's still a day out on the beer for me. I spend all week being sensible and responsible and indefatigable but come match day I can enjoy myself win or lose. It sounds like you're the one that's changed, for you and Ovy it's all about winning instead of the day out, that sounds like a Scum fan to me. I'm happy to squeeze past 20 fat blokes and wait 15 minutes to get served in the Peacock. I'm happy to eat that shite they serve masquerading as a burger from the salmonella ridden shitholes outside the ground. I'm happy to stand in the bogs at half time pissing next to a bog eyed bloke looking at my cock and the wall at the same time. I'm happy to see us lose because we can't hang on to a win.
Actually, not really happy. But it's better than doing nothing but fucking moan, and I still go and support my team through thin and thin. It's my one day when I can forget my shitty job, my car that's falling to bits, my wifes menopause and all the other shite that gives me sleepless nights the rest of the week. Fuck me, at least I get a day on the ale and a game of footy.
If that makes me a "happy clapper" or whatever Norbert was calling them, that's fine. But it's more than just a result to me. Maybe you should just watch fucking teletext if it's just results you're after.

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