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Re: Cabbage

December 23 2017 at 10:52 PM
Spezial  (Login spezial)

Response to Re: Cabbage

Stop speculating Gipton, you make yourself look an idiot. I don’t need to start name dropping, I played with ex Leeds players for Leeds City Boys and Yorkshire Amateurs at junior level, and then at amateur level. It’s you that’s the prick, stop pissing your pants because someone has different opinions to you. According to you and S.F.A.B, Man Utd are building a new stadium that can hold 500,000 people, because anyone that thinks football is overpriced is going to support them. I’ve got news for you thicko, the vast majority of football fans think it’s rip off prices, it doesn’t mean they will go and support Man U or Man City. Ever heard of F.C United ? Probably not in your simplistic world, but even scum fans are fed up with ticket prices and the gentrification of football. You float along in your little fluffy cloud, where everyone just toes the line and says an absolutely dreadful game for £44 is still good value because it’s your club the money goes to. Why are you so irrational and illogical tonight, did Ivanco cancel the after match fireworks because it was so shite today. According to your skewed logic, anyone that dares to criticise players, actually goes to a game to see their own team get beaten. Give me an answer, out of the 35,000 there today, how many Leeds fans went to see their own team get beaten ? All the Grot haters, the Felix slaters, the O’ Kane non believers. They were all there today, willing Leeds to lose according to you. You are the biggest girls blouse on this forum, and your tantrums get funnier and funnier. M.O.T.

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