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Re: Cabbage

December 23 2017 at 11:18 PM
Gipton   (Login giptonwhite71)

Response to Re: Cabbage

Haha I played for Leeds City boys with ex Leeds players and Yorkshire Amateurs. Big fucking deal it didn’t make you a good player cos you played with an ex Leeds player. I played for the Amateurs myself and at a higher level than that.
Selective reading kicking in again. When have I said it’s value for money, not once I think you’ll find. I think it’s disgusting what football is charging fans unfortunately I still want to support my team that I have supported for life and will continue to do so.
As I have said in the past I do not show blind loyalty and stopped going to games and spending any money on Leeds while Ken Bates was at the helm. That was because of the way Bates treated and regarded Leeds fans, funnily enough he used the very term you used to describe fellow fans.
It must be great to be so superior to everyone else. Get yourself off to bed bitter boy.

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