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Re: Today.

December 26 2017 at 6:46 PM
Gipton   (Login giptonwhite71)

Response to Today.

All you are is Spezial needs you fucking spastic twat. Today was shite but it’s the win that matters. Again your selective reading has let you down again. I did say earlier that additions are needed in January but don’t let that get in the way of your superiority complex. Football has changed and unfortunately is as much about athleticism now as it is skill like the game used to be.
Ovy you obviously have a real issue with Phillips who I agree is shite, as for Spezial you just hate anybody disagreeing with you. You slate the full team then carry on about paying fans slating players who are shite. Ovy is in agreement with you but slates Phillips relentlessly but that’s ok because he’s on your side of the fence. A bit of consistency would be nice.
Like I’ve said before and it may eventually sink in to your numb skull, we are shit at the moment but that won’t stop me supporting my team. I remember the old 2nd division days, we were shit then but probably the best times I’ve had at Elland Road. I enjoy the day at the match for what it is and will still support Leeds if we are shit or challenging for honours at the top table.

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