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Re: Talksport

January 4 2018 at 5:51 PM
Spezial  (Login spezial)

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I’ve been driven into the arms of Talksport permanently due to the box-ticking employment of leftie and ethnic minority presenters on Radio 5 Live. I listen to Nicky Campbell until 10am, he’s a good Devil’s Advocate, but then the jabbering left wing idiot Adrian Chiles has me reaching for the off button. The afternoon then becomes a write-off on 5 when Nihal Arthanayake bores us all to death with his latest left wing topic of conversation. His “breakdown” when being interviewed about the Grenfell Tower disaster was cringeworthy, pity he wasn’t inside when it went up. As for the “United” thing on Talksport and the media in general, it’s something that mildly annoys me, but I accept isn’t going to change anytime soon. It just shows how weak human beings are in general, all towing the line, not wanting to appear anything other “on board” with all the other presenters, “personalities” and media slimeballs. They are the sort of wankers that laugh hysterically on game shows or at social events when someone cracks a Donald Trump joke, “ooh look at me, I hate him as well, and I’ll piss myself laughing at a shit joke or snide comment just to prove it”. At extended family get-togethers, I normally find my “I prefer him to that idiot Obama” retort, soon gets me a dig in the ribs from the missus and some incredulous looks from people that soon wish they were a bit more extended from me than they first wished. Leeds fans themselves are guilty of handing over the “United” title the the red lot. The chant of “United” used to greet any Leeds player that went to take a corner for Leeds back in the day. Most clubs with United in their name are equally guilty, from The Toon to Sheffield, they’ve all swallowed the media guff and lost pride in their club name. Time for the new generation of fans to start reclaiming United as an important and historical feature of their clubs identity.

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