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No surprises.

January 8 2018 at 5:05 PM
Spezial  (Login spezial)

Response to Re: today

As you say DG, it sums up why modern football is shite, but I wasn’t surprised by the team selection and the subsequent result. As far as the bigger teams are concerned, it’s now the reserve team F.A cup, until they reach the semi-finals or quarters at least. Therein lies the problem with Leeds, we’re simply not a big club anymore, some people just can’t grasp that fact. We were never going to win the F.A cup, and I never had any intention of heading to Newport to watch our reserves, so I can’t say I’m personally bothered by the result. Is it disrespectful to the fans ? I’m not sure, but ones that travelled will surely tell you different. The reasoning behind our weakened team shows either a worryingly poor judgement of our squad quality from up above, or a “fuck it, promotion at any cost, other than financial” mentality. I don’t know if fans are angry because we played a weakened team, or that weakened team was so poor. If it was the latter, what did they really expect ? We had 11 players of whom most can’t get in a team that has struggled in it’s last 5 games against the shittest teams in The Championship, shit players who are being kept out by average players. It wasn’t the cream of a brilliant youth team, the next talented generation, it was a team of League 2 quality players at best. As far as Saiz is concerned, you really couldn’t script it, fuckin unbelievable really. You rest 90% of your best players to keep them fit and fresh for the league, and then you lose one of the handful of decent players for 6 games for being an absolute cunt. If he needed game time after his injury, that is one thing the club can’t be blamed for. You can’t legislate for madness like that. I wouldn’t worry too much about our reputation taking a battering after another “shock” result. Put into context, it was two League 2 quality teams battling it out for a place in the next round, and Newport won. It’s all about hanging around the play off places now, with a less than desirable squad of players.

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