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January 8 2018 at 7:53 PM
kendemange  (Login doomed2018)

Response to Re: No surprises.

connor shaughnessey. this man/boy 21 years looks a bit younger. he can play the center half role. impressed was i.yes. a thinking mans footballer. light on his feet. thinking the game always.reading the game. Tell Eddie . Tell Connor.bright. aware. heading. tackling. marking. i sat in the home end on sunday and this guy was the only outstanding player in a blue shirt. and he scored a goal against us.
Read Liam Cooper. first time i saw this cunt he scored a beautifully execute header ,in the kop end, in our goal, not under pressure, against Wigan a few xamases back at ER. what a cunt i thought.
Just seen the TV , Ken Bates rent boy drawing the balls for the fourth round. Horrible little 4 footer as Peter Alice once said.
ever since Cooper has been a cunt. He does not have a brain. What do all the offer profs do he finks finks Liam. Grow a beard. Get some tattoos. Stamp on someones ed. Slide in and get booked. slide in and get sent off. Thick Cunt is first choice. Get Connor in. breath of fresh air. a brain. a thinker. not a cunt. !!
Connor is the nearest to Woodgate i av seen.
Cooper is a cunt.

Phillips. Saw this cunt make his debut v Wolves live on Sky a few xamases back.( Yes. Cue Armchair Leeds fan) not surprising really. . He is not the answer. after Connor He was our second best player on sunday and he is shite. From a prominent mid field position he looked for the ball and passed it back to the defence always . on the few occasions he tried to pass the ball forward he gave it to Newport. He is not Batts. But he is the best we have. End of. Doomed Cpt Manwaring.We are Doomed.

While Eddie still has O2 in his lungs take the stupid microphone off him and get him back in the dug out. We are fucked otherwise. what do the following know or care....

Christianson, Bates, Monk, Arabs, Hockaday, Monk again, Brian Fucking Mc Dormott.Gay Haig, The two Italian CEOs.

as for the fans. Good following as ever but they just dont seem to understand. Shame as i would put our fans pedigree as second only to the Anfield Kop. They have seen it as it should be. so have we but our great fans are now too apathetic, too old and have been for too long. Revolt. the Leeds Fans Share Scheme was a scam. I signed up and they pissed of with my subscription.

sort it Eddie, Snake, Doctor....

Bournemouth, Norwich, Burnley and now Barnsley bigger than Leeds.

Bye bye Connor. Good luck with your career.

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