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January 19 2018 at 5:52 PM
Bilsden  (Login Bilsden)

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Easy to blame Orta for buying shit, but he's given his budget and brief by the board and trades accordingly. The board also have to sign off on his deals, and have done until now. And his signings tend to be about as good as you could expect for the relatively tiny fees paid. Alioski is a £2-2.5m footballer and performs like one (occasionally better tbf). It would be great if signings like Klich and Cibicki could become some of the best footballers in the Championship, but they're £1m footballers, so they're only likely to be run of the mill players

And if Saiz is sold for £10 or £15m (if he can stop gobbing at people), Orta will have done his job, which is to make the board money on trading players

It's not what I want, or what any of you want, but the board has decided that the transfer market is a good source of revenue if you can buy a load of cheap punts and the odd one can be sold at a massive profit

I don't blame Orta, he's doing what he's paid to do as part of the club's transfer policy. Fuck him though

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