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Re: Things are looking good

January 21 2018 at 10:14 PM
Spezial  (Login spezial)

Response to Re: Things are looking good

Dave, Dave,Dave, you’re a buggerlugs. I like your mischief, but me and Mr Overman saw what was coming even when we were riding high in 1st place. All the fools were banging on in the local media about “it’s the sign of a good team that wins when it’s playing badly”. Fuckin fools. It’s normally a lucky team that wins when it’s playing badly, and when that luck runs out, then it unravels. I’m away suntanning Dave, my mobile and I-pad stayed in the safe until last night, and when I logged on for the results I was disappointed, but not surprised. We are just about where we deserve to be, maybe a little higher in fairness, and it will take a minor miracle with this lot to sustain a challenge. Can’t comment on the new signings, I’ve had a week away from anything to do with LUFC, so don’t know who the fuck we’ve signed, but if they’re anything like the last set of club-footed cunts then God help us. Spread the word in string of beads that me and Overman are available at a price that won’t overly stretch the budget. I’m bringing a couple of lads back with me that I think may have a chance in The Championship. One is a black lad that can run like the wind, but he’s had a lobotomy, he’s called Lacko or something. The others are a lad that will be happy just sitting in the reserves every week, he’s called Clit, and another one that looks like he’s fallen out of a kebab house at 3 in the morning, he’s called Lasagne. They are similar to lads we already have, but will give us some strength in depth.

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