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Re: Time to go TC.

February 3 2018 at 9:21 PM
Spezial  (Login spezial)

Response to Re: Time to go TC.

It’s not simply a case of going for “big name” managers. Clueless cunts like Mcallister, Venables and Reid have already dispelled that myth. Even the likes of McDermott and Warnock who were “Championship specialists”, turned out to be total fuckin idiots. I think we’ve been unlucky in our appointments, we’ve appointed across the whole spectrum. Apart from Hockaday and the funny sounding fella from Eastern Europe, not many fans have complained about new managers brought to the club. It’s only when they don’t achieve a promotion challenge that fans start to complain. Many of the fans are fuckin idiots themselves, they talk like they could walk in and do the job with ease. I’ve stood and sat next to thousands of them down the years, I think a lot of the fans at E.R haven’t got a clue, and obviously the vast majority of managers that have undertaken the role have been pretty fuckin useless. It’s not gonna be down to just a manager and finances now with the new set up, and that means it’s harder to apportion blame. What I can say for sure, is that whoever signed or retained this current bunch has a lot to answer for. Fortunately we have enough points in the bag to assure this season won’t become a relegation struggle. Our current problems should actually prove to be a bonus moving forward. Anyone with half a brain can see it’s not just tweaking, but a major overhaul required to be contenders in this division. The big worry is, there’s nobody with half a brain within the club at any level.

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