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One for Tommyduck and Borobaz

June 1 2012 at 8:52 PM
leedsmc  (Login leedsmc)

Let's just put the puerile insults to one side for a minute. I've visited this forum over many years now and while its gone downhill a lot (where are you now Leeds16loyal?) I still come on from time to time. And there you both are, like 2 conjoined twins, Tommyduck and Borobaz.
Now I wonder about a lot in life but I am really struggling to work out why you do it. To get a rise of course, and boy do you succeed? But so often, and for such a long time? Why? Do you seriously have nothing better to do? After you post do you feel genuinely satisfied? Do you look at the quality of your writing, your language, your grammar, your wit, your incisiveness, the strength of your argument and genuinely think; 'that'll show them?'. 'There's no response to that one eh?' 'I've got them now'. What exactly do you think because I don't believe it can be any of those can it? Really? Look around you and ask how many steady, sound, decent people would look at what you write (ignore all of us on this forum who bite, because that's what we do) and think, 'Tommyduck, you can be proud of yourself'. 'Borobaz, I admire you'.
Do you have family? Wives? Kids? Parents (hopefully you do still)? You'll have friends I'm sure. Employers? Or Employees? People who just know you even if they're not your friends? The man in the pub, the newsagents, the garage, the football team?
Tell me one thing; are you proud of what you do? Would you tell any of your family and friends and acquaintances what you write and how often you write it? Do you feel your time on here is well spent? Do you get a big sense of satisfaction because you think you have wound so many Leeds fans up?
And tell me another thing; how does the rest of your life compare with what you do on this site?
Better than? So why do you lower yourself?
About the same? Possible but oh so sad.
Worse than? In which case you do it to make yourself feel better? Really, is that what it (life) has come to?
There is so much more to what life has to offer; look around you, see what else you could do with your time, with your life. I'm just past 50. I've no idea how old you are. If you are my age, feelings of mortality might be looming in which case move on; don't see out your days like this. Want an epitaph that says 'Here lies Tommyduck; he took the piss out of Leeds fans on a website. Er...that's it. RIP.' ?
If you're younger than me then all I can say is you need to move on to something a bit more worthwhile because if you seriously get a kick out of coming on here you need to take a long hard look at where you've got to in life and stop before it totally consumes you.
Kick the habit, do it now and feel better about yourself. It could be fun after all. Before too long you might even ask yourself why you ever bothered.
To be honest, even having written what I think is a reasonable piece with no abuse and a genuine attempt to ask out loud why you bother, I feel I've just wasted 30 minutes of my life doing so.
If you really feel some sort of achievement and satisfaction when you write your posts then by most people's standards you're missing something. You know that in your heart of hearts don't you?
Or perhaps its just me that's not seeing things properly but believe me I won't be trying too hard to find it; I'm comfortable 'missing' whatever it is you're seeing.
I'm no psychologist, I'm not trying to be clever, I'm not trying to patronise. But I'm curious about how or why people do what they do. And in this case I'm struggling. I really am.
I wish you well. Please think about it; move on; be happy. Seriously. It could be good for you.

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Lost for words Tommyduck/Borobaz?

June 1 2012, 10:27 PM 

I thought you'd have something to say by now; its not as though you haven't been on here over the last hour.

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June 1 2012, 10:46 PM 

well borobaz as u can see by my name fancy meeting for a pint if your old enough to drink maby u can explane your fetish with leeds united ???????????

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Leedssc Moderators

Re: One for Tommyduck and Borobaz

June 2 2012, 7:41 PM 

Good post fella. Sadly i think a sensible response is unlikely as they or he only thrive when they get a nibble. You're right these or this sad individual does not have a life or friends otherwise he or they would not be constantly on here.

So sad

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to be honest

June 2 2012, 8:38 PM 

To be honest its getting childish and tedious and yes I hold my hand up for my part in it all,but the big problem on this site is if you support any one but Leeds and post something or disagree with a Leeds poster you get fucking crucified by 70 per cent of your posters and the other 30 per cent childish remarks (vile shite involving kids mostly by rogsy & co).I respect the fact that this is a Leeds site which supposedly welcomes lads from other teams for 'banter',but you need to look at some of your own posters as well I'm afraid and not just me and Tommy otherwise this site will just get worse. I've got a lot of respect for the older Leeds lads on here who have put some good posts up over the years,shame this site has more than its fair share of illiterate idiots(especially from the stoke area).

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Boro boz

June 2 2012, 9:12 PM 

Well said no do us all a favor & fuck off to your own site & take tommy duck with ya u fuckin nonce

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Come on Tommyduck

June 6 2012, 7:25 PM 

You're not usually short of something to say so why no reply to my post? Let me give you the benefit of the doubt when you say you're not who everyone says you are. I still don't understand why you waste your life like this? You obviously stir up a lot of strong emotions in people with your posts and no doubt that's what you want. If you want people to get angry and wound up you've obviously succeeded. But my guess is that when all is said, when most on here have moved on, the overwhelming feeling will be one of pity that you went to such effort. It's pathetic and I suspect you know that deep down. Do more, do better with your life. For your sake.

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