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Won over

February 2 2017 at 7:18 PM
exnwaleswhite  (Login exnwaleswhite)

This time last year i would have done anything to get Cellino out of the club...a succession of dodgy managers ...his tax cases...problems with the FA...pie tax....and all the useless second rate eyeties he brought in....led me to believe he must be Bates lovechild or something.
But 1 year later I find myself quite liking him....He has cleared up our finances ....got rid of the sand monkeys...Found a class manager...stopped meddling with the team...found new investment(albeit unproven just yet).....and perhaps best of all given Penfold and his FA cronies the bird...... and if he leaves this summer he will have my eternal thanks for bringing the club i love back from the edge of Bates abyss .....Due to work and travel costs (i live in Sweden) i can only get over 5-6 times a season but the feeling around ER these days reminds me of the "good old days" and whilst a lot is down to GM surely some of the credit should go to MC?
I appreciate that we all want to see 10 million pound signings on deadline day but how realistic is that for a club that 2 years ago was on the brink of extinction ?So far GM seems happy with the financial backing he has so it cant be all that bad eh?
How many of us thought MC was fucking nuts when he offered money back if we didnt get a top 6 finish? maybe he isnt as stupid as he looks...
Its not often these days that somebody can change my opinion(i am the embodiment of a grumpy old man)but he has won me over...

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(Login DavidGedge)

Re: Won over

February 2 2017, 7:36 PM 

To be fair, I have slagged him off more than most on here going back as far as his first managerial appointment - think I titled it Fuck Off Cellino or similar!! - but I think I am in agreement with you. He has made some ridiculous decisions, done some ridiculous things, but I think his heart was genuinely in the right place, and the rape and pillage seems to be something of a by gone era.

Whilst I still hope the full transfer happens this summer, I would wish him well and agree that he will be leaving the club in a much healthier position than the one he took us over in, and in a decent position to move forward again.

And I never thought I'd ever say that...... 😆😆

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(Login S.F.A.B)

Re: Won over

February 3 2017, 5:16 PM 

Where's Norbert when you really want his opinion...

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(Login AMbrose543)

Re: Won over

February 10 2017, 4:39 PM 

He never meddled with the team, not if you believe the actual managers over the Waccoe virgins anyway. Pie tax was a bit stupid, but you did get a pie and a pint. He could have easily run the club like BAtes with stupid season ticket prices, shit deals for kids, and relied on loans and freebies for the team, but he's actually invested a substantial amount of his own money getting the club on its feet. Transfer market and managers has been a bit scattergun, but we got some alright players out of it (Berardi for example), and his way of doing loans is really good business. We all want someone who can just buy us the ground back and buy us into the Champions League, but there are bigger clubs than Leeds waiting for the same. Considering the state we were in when he took over, Cellino will have to go down as one of the most important people ever involved with the club. The 200 odd @protestors@ who spunked their money on cringeworthy little stunts will never admit that, but the facts speak for themselves, Forza Cellino!

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(Login ozzywhitelufc)


February 10 2017, 7:50 PM 

Would this be the same Cuntellino who sold players, Cook. Byram, and
44, and who has fired ...How many managers!!! who appointed Cockerday thats right keep them rose tinted specs on. FFS and all the court cases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RETARD ALERT Mean while he and his family Lord up Miami.

I dont want my club to be run by Crooks.

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(Login slovenia67)

Re: Deluded

February 10 2017, 10:23 PM 

We needed a striker in January why did we not get one? Money talks ...what exactly will happen when wood is crocked? Use a a winger? Cellino could and should have funded one, why the fuck have we not bought the ground and training ground? He said it's fundamentally wrong to rent your own ground...the man is a shithouse, better than bates maybe but a shithouse non the less, let's just see where all this goes but bet your bottom dollar he is gone as soon as he possibly can get his money back, why the fuck did we not buy a quality striker ? absolute joke

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(Login markymark1967)

Re: Deluded

February 12 2017, 9:25 PM 

We did have a striker lined up, the lad from West Ham, Fletcher, but sadly
Hogan chose to chase the money and joined Villa

McCormack is on 80k a week at Villa, money talks, if Hogan had gone to
Wet Spam we would have had a decent deputy for Wood, but it wasn't to be

As for buying the ground, well it wont happen until good old uncle Ken pops
his clogs because he still owns it, end of

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(Login Kopshop)


February 10 2017, 8:33 PM 

Name me the bigger clubs than Leeds that you've stated that are waited for the same??

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(Login S.F.A.B)

Re: Ambo

February 10 2017, 10:29 PM 

I also agree that Cellino has been good for the club.
He has been a breath of fresh air after Bates, the guy emotionlally invested the club until he got pisse off with all those two bob protesters that are never happy.
Let's look at it.
Club now making profit... check
Club buying players instead of shitty no good loanees... check
Season ticket prices more reasonable... check
Money back if we dont finish top 6... check
Club in top 6 instead of languishing in bottom half... check
Lees club paid legal battles than Bates... check
FA hates us like they always have... no difference

Doesnt take a brain surgeon to see that things have improved under Cellino.
But please, dont let me get in the way of your griping.

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(Login originalbramley)

clear to see

February 13 2017, 1:58 PM 

since he stuck to doing board room business and let monk crack on and not interfere with the playing side of things the club has moved on 100% ,cellino is a good business man and has cleared the debt left by bates , he has tied up some fantastic sponsorship and fucked the arabs off , as long as he keeps letting monk do it his own way the club will progress but not overnight like some people want , IT WILL TAKE TIME ,
sit back and enjoy the ride called = LEEDS UNITED

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