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BB2 tonight at 9pm (16th feb)

February 16 2017 at 4:56 PM
scum8ter  (Login scum8ter)

"Russian football firms, from the thugs who terrorised Marseille to those preparing for the 2018 World Cup."

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Re: BB2 tonight at 9pm (16th feb)

February 16 2017, 7:50 PM 

eastern europe is basically how western europe used to be - masculine, proud of their religion, heritage, race and nation. and having had no choice but to experience communism - and therefore understanding what cultural marxism is all about, don't expect the likes of poland, croatia, russia, hungary etc to be anything but hard as nails.

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French police.

February 18 2017, 11:41 AM 

I'm sat here wondering why there was such a furore over a black man not being allowed on the metro in France, yet our media, government and F.A seem happy to let a French copper stick the boot into an English citizen who has been left for dead by the Russians. For those didn't spot it, it was about 10 to 15 minutes in and the guy was laying with no shirt on having just been battered by a gang of Russians. As the French riot police run past one takes time to kick the poor fucker in the back. What is more sickening, the cowardly frog or the failure of the British media to report the incident properly and our governments total disregard to what we have seen with our own eyes. Let's hope the cunt gets taken out in the next terrorist atrocity.

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Re: French police.

February 18 2017, 12:31 PM 

Was wondering that myself had to rewind a few times to see if my eyes were deceiving me. Thing that fucks me off about the trouble in Marseille is most of the people that got a good hiding were people sat drinking in bars in back streets not round port area were all them bottle throwing chavvies were so if ruskis had just battered them then FairPlay those lot were there to cause trouble an got there just desserts. Instead people who went for a good time a drink a sing song a bit of sun an to watch football got brunt end off it all an them Russian cunts think that's ok. Fucking wankers lot on em

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Re: French police.

February 18 2017, 8:50 PM 

I can't understand why numbers didn't decide what happened, ok maybe quality was lacking but I would imagine plenty of the English like a fight? We outnumbered the Russians we all saw the news, even if you aren't keen on a fight surely if you are seeing this unfold you will grab something and say I'm not having this? What was that song again 'coward of the county?' ...
Everyone has a tipping point I fail to see how thousands could not get their shit togeather....anyway I wasn't there and be pretty fucking useless if I was in my state.

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Qualitys everthing

February 18 2017, 9:18 PM 

Especially when it comes to fighting if you look back through history. How did a few hundred spartans hold of a million Persians for 2 or 3 days. How did a handful of sas men hold out against 100s of Iraqi soldiers in 1st gulf war. Quality, if you ant got stomach for a fight you ain't gonna stand for right long

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(Login DavidGedge)

Re: Qualitys everthing

February 19 2017, 4:32 AM 

The thing is now, a result in England is drinking in a city centre pub, wearing the correct costume, and bouncing up and down behind the police. There is no actual conflict which involves actually fighting.

It still goes on in the lower leagues, but they don't have the numbers.

So when it comes to international games, if there is actual contact, the 'lads' of today have no idea how to cope with it and thus the Russians can steamroller through the mass ranks.

It's like any job... you can read the history and watch all the videos you want. Until you're actually in the thick of it you have no idea how you will react. Those old enough to remember that you don't run ended up taking a proper hiding whilst those who thought they were 'hooligans' with stupid goggle hood coats ran away when it actually kicked off and left the old school to get hammered.

The hooligan era in England is finished now.

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My take on it

February 19 2017, 10:47 AM 

As a soft cunt and one that's been to hundreds of away games watching Leeds I've never understood FV but as I understood it there was a certain code of conduct. All I could see with the Russians was cowardice in numbers, it's ok reading they're all well trained semi pro fighters but they were knocking fuck out of people a lot like myself who didn't want any of it.
Was it the English and the Welsh that stood together, when that happened (on the YouTube I saw )the Russians got a bit of a kicking and didn't wanna know.
Fucking cowards.

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Re: My take on it

February 19 2017, 7:22 PM 

Its obvious the Russians take it all a bit more seriously than the English ever did, they don't drink and spend the hours before the game at the gym, theyre missing the point really, in the 80's at Leeds games everyone had a drink and turned up at the game completely unorganised to see what happened, that was the fun of it, I wouldn't have been interested any other way. The Russians are about 30 years late at the party and they don't really know what the theme is.
As for them getting the better when heavily outnumbered you can blame the laws brought in in England 20 years ago that stopped gobby young kids from getting the backhander they deserved from either parents/teachers or police, it must come as a bit of a surprise to these gobshites now in their 20's when they stand there asking for it and the Russians gave it them, predictably from what Ive heard they soon shit themselves and disappeared leaving the older fatter lads to take a hiding.

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