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Wheels are off!!?

April 4 2017 at 8:45 PM
York65  (Login york65)

No investment January now coming to a head - no expectations at the the start of the season but as it's gone on it's easy to get giddy - Just hope they back Monk and give him a 2 year contact and some dosh in the summer IMO.
On a positive note at least where not in the relegation mire for change

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(Login ovywhite)
Leedssc Moderators

Re: Wheels are off!!?

April 4 2017, 10:06 PM 

Did anyone really expect a result tonight! !
Said all along that investment in January was a must but as usual we get nowt,a very odd selection tonight from monk,maybe he didn't expect anything either so is hoping to turn it on against Preston !!
Saving grace is Fulham lost otherwise it would have been disastrous, if we don't finish in play offs I'll be well pissed off but as I've already predicted we'll go straight out in the 2 legger.
Let's.hope the owners sit down and think long and hard about investment for next season,oh and I mean like now not with 30 seconds to go to kick off in August.

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(Login DavidGedge)

Re: Wheels are off!!?

April 5 2017, 9:03 AM 

To be fair, Reading and Brentford away are not easy games, and we won't be the only team to get turned over by them on their own pitch.

I know I keep referring bsck to it, but in 89 at this stage we got smashed at Oldham over Easter, and slipped up at home to Barnsley and Bradford, both of whom were around the bottom 3, but still had enough to see it through despite all fans shitting themselves and thinking we'd bottled it.

Keep the faith, keep believing, and let's see how we go.......

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(Login york65)

Re: Wheels are off!!?

April 5 2017, 8:35 PM 

If we can squeeze through to play offs I fancy us.
Depends on where we end up but keep tight on away leg and support at home we can nudge it over 2 legs.
One off game at Wembley I feel would suit us.
Show the players the 75 game against Barca and King Billy lashing it into the the top left hand corner to get the blood to boiling point.
Pride passion desire - unstoppable
Current squad need to be educated on our history.

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(Login slovenia67)

Re: Wheels are off!!?

April 7 2017, 2:22 PM 

Wheels might be off but good thing about wheels coming off is can usually put another on....form teams in playoffs mean fuck all I would go as far as to say a form team that finishes 3rd is very likely to bottle it...so near yet so far syndrome I'd be more than happy to go in wiih the nothing to lose and everything to gain attitude, if we make playoffs I'd fancy us strongly.

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