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Serious question

May 7 2017 at 4:52 PM
KentWhite64  (Login KentWhite64)

This is the current 1st team squad/manager how many would you still want at the club next season:


Green. Silvestri. Turnbull. Peacock-Farrell

Ayling. Bartley. Cooper. Jansson. Taylor. Berardi. Coyle. Denton.

Roofe. O'Kane. Dallas. Grimes. Hernandez. Phillips. Vieira. Bridcutt. Pedraza Sag.

Wood. Antonsson. Doukara. Sacko. Barrow

For me these are the only one's who could part of a promotion squad.

Green. Peacock-Farrell
Ayling. Bartley. Jansson. Berardi. (not seen enough of Coyle/Denton to have an opinion)
Vieira. Bridcutt. (Pedraza Sag. but not for the £7/10 mill they are asking)


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(Login DavidGedge)

Re: Serious question

May 7 2017, 5:24 PM 

A good resumé of the squad, which says how fantastic the squad and management team have done for us all to be disappointed with how the last dozen games went.

As well as the ones you mentioned, I would keep Coyle and Denton as they have tons of potential, and also Phillips and Roofe for the same reasons though maybe as subs. And I would keep Dallas as a starter. But there's no getting away from the fact that on paper the squad is woefully short of a challenging team.

Who to sign? Well it would depend on the money made available, but I would love to sign Alan Judge from Brentford, who has the ability to open up defences. He's had a massive injury so may be available for a knockdown price. I would also bring in Lee Gregory from Millwall to support Wood up front. I wouldn't be averse to season long loan returns for Cook or Howson either.

Easier to name signings when we know the budget and also see the released lists from the Premier League and top of Championship. But there's a huge overhaul needed this summer.

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(Login KentWhite64)

Re: Serious question

May 7 2017, 6:16 PM 

Just looked at these lists of players out of contract and i gotta say no names jump out at me from the players who would want to join us.



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(Login ovywhite)
Leedssc Moderators

Re: Serious question

May 7 2017, 6:25 PM 

Green (who can be either great or a liability)
Wood (but only on this seasons efforts because prior to it he's been garbage)

Jurys out on Dallas, Hernandez and Pedraza
The rest can go, if fat arse doukara needs a lift anywhere I'll gladly take the useless lump.

Thing is, the ones not fitting into premier sides are well above our pay structure so that really leaves us with championship players at best with lower league and johnny foreigners filling the gaps.
Who knows, another season with the same squad might get some fight in them and they might have learnt something !! After all, they have over achieved this season.

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(Login protier)

Re: Serious question

May 8 2017, 10:31 PM 

As you say Ovy we have over achieved this season and we have been lucky on occasions and in all honesty we fucked it up. Leicester over achieved and had luck last season it happens and I don't care if we have nothing but luck all next season. I don't really care if we get out played in every game, all that matters is the result. all I am interested in is that we win, if we can win and play well that's even better.

The big problem this season has been the midfield but we haven't had a good midfield for years. On the assumption, and its a big assumption that we can keep the defence together I would try to bring in the following.

Lee Tomlin(Bristol City) good player who knows the division.
Dave Edwards (Wolves) as above and likes to attack
Peter Whittingham (Cardiff) good player who knows the division
Iheanacho (Man City) we could only get him on loan but would score the goals and has pace.

Finally Michael Carrick (scum) Out of contact and may be out of reach but if we could find the money could play the defensive midfield player, Vierra could do his running and hopefully learn.

I know its only dreaming but I think they are the kind of players who could get you promoted.

The list of players I would get rid of is too long for me to type.

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(Login ovywhite)
Leedssc Moderators

Re: Serious question

May 8 2017, 10:45 PM 

I know what you mean regards getting shut, it would be a cull, a cull thats needed but won't happen, looking at your list, I too like Tomlin (maybe Ayling could talk to him) and edwards, also mooy on loan at hudds, go straight to man city and nab him sharpish , Carrick won't happen, but, we never thought we'd end up with strachan and look what happened there !!
Kenny Miller at Rangers would be just the ticket as well, even the big black fella at forest at a push, lets see what happens in the discussions with the management furore but Monk (IMHO) won't be trodden on, he knows what he wants and fair play to him, if you won't listen to a manager with vision then you deserve to lose him, look what England did to Wilko.

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